The unit is a 1993 20' Wells Cargo dual-axle trailer, outfitted with a 128 sq ft stage (16'w x 8'd) that's approx. 29"

The stage can be set up with one (physically fit) adult in about an hour, and taken down in 45 mins.  The stage
sections are hinged onto the trailer, so there is no heavy lifting.  The platform is supported by PVC legs, and there is
a bally cloth that velcros to the front and sides.

Two 4' x 8' plywood wings hook to each side, making for an impressive 28' wide display.  The stage functions
without the wings, so it's up to you if you want to hang them.  

I have towed this for years with an F350 Diesel dually, which is FAR more powerful than needed - but, I honestly
don't know the LEAST amount of tow power needed. You will want to check with a reliable towing authority to
determine if your vehicle is capable of moving this. I'm guessing Wells Fargo, the manufacturer could help you.

And you will definitely need a transmission cooler on the tow vehicle.  They can be installed very easily at any trans

Trailer is mechanically, structurally and electrically sound.  Brakes are fine - tires like new.  Spare is unused with
the stickers still on it. Bearings were re-packed less than 500 miles ago.  You will have to replace a few running light
bulbs, and I'm sure the break-away battery needs to be replaced (if you're concerned with that).

There is ONE TINY leak in the back access door.  I am selling the trailer with the admission this leak is there.  The
very back corner of the floor gets wet after a heavy rain, and therefore is soft.  This is the only "decay" on the whole
trailer.  I clearly show it in one of the pictures.  I'm sure ten minutes with two people and a garden hose will enable
you to find the leak, and silicone it.  The roof was rubber-painted Nov/2017, and is WATER TIGHT.

Inside there are (homemade) living quarters, which are perfectly comfortable for one person.  How comfortable for
more than one is up to your personal preference.  It started as a dressing room, then grew into a break room, then
into living quarters, which I eventually lived in for months at a time.

There's a bunk the size of a twin-sized mattress.  I used an air mattress to cut down on weight, and liked it so much I
use one at home now!  I'm including two of these mattresses, but can't vouch for their condition.  Wal-mart sells
them for under $30  Of course, you may choose to put a mattress in there.

There's also a table with *one* bench.  The table does not convert to a bed, but can be made to do so with a little
carpentry.  Stainless steel double sink, A/C unit, toilet and shower with exhaust fan, cube refrigerator and PLENTY
of storage space.  Although you may need a stepstool to reach a couple of the cabinets! (Did I mention I was tall?)
The tub is discolored, and could use a coat of Krylon Fusion  paint for LOOKS, but it's fully functional.

There is a microwave, but no stove.  I never plumbed it for propane, so I could take it through tunnels.  The water
heater is electric.  I've always had 24hr electric at my gigs, so I didn't need propane.  If you have to cook, you could
always supply your own electric hotplate.

There are 12v lights throughout, but no battery.  They operate off a converter when plugged in.  You could wire in  a
battery if you needed lights between parking it with electric, but I used battery-powered camp lanterns, the few
times I stayed in it at rest areas, etc. Or, if you have your own generator, well.....there you go!

Included is a 50' heavy-duty lead line with standard 110v plug.

The stage is accessible from the inside living quarters, through I door I had installed.  I designed the bunk high
enough so when I finished my shows for the day, I rolled all my props into the trailer and under the bunk.  Pulled a
curtain across and there was no clue of the show present.  This worked for MY props...if you have tall illusions it
won't. The back +/- five feet of the trailer are for storage of props, sound and lights.  There are shelves and racks for

This trailer is
ready to roll right now to a fair, festival, concert, wherever you play...  You may want to spruce it up
with a new coat of paint, but that's not necessary for a while.  

Take the whole thing right now for a REDUCED $6750.  But, put your wallet away, there's MORE!  Act now and I'll
throw in the hitch and sway bars.  Do you like to haggle?  So do I! Let's haggle and maybe I can get you up to

Check out the photos below. NOTE:  The recliner pictured is not included in the sale.  

Feel free to call (9:00a-9:00p Eastern) or email with any questions.
866.362.7926 doxjuan01@yahoo.com

Trailer is in a suburb of Philadelphia. PA.  Sorry, I can't offer delivery (already sold the dually).
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(That's a mini blind,
not a flat screen tv)