A fun-filled, educational, magic "lesson" teaching tomorrow's adults the
importance of RECYCLING in today's world.
This original presentation will have them laughing, wondering,
and most importantly, LEARNING, while watching a captivating
and humorous performer tell them how to "Save the Planet".

Audiences will learn to become magician's assistants, helping
Earth do its magic - making (and RE-making) the materials we
use everyday!

Objects (like soda cans and milk jugs)
vanish...re-appear... change shape...  During a section
about conserving water, a bucket empties, and
empties and empties over and over! Torn paper
mends itself, and a broken glass bottle
become whole again!

First presented in 1990 (Yeah, we were GREEN before
GREEN was KEEN!) as a school assembly program,
The Magic Planet Show is
now more popular than
r at fairs, festivals, and anywhere people want to
enjoy a fun show!

Full of comedy and surprises, The Magic Planet
teaches a lesson they will WANT to learn.

Complete with sound, lighting and everything required for a successful presentation.   25 to 45-minute formats.
1-866 DOC SWAN docswanentertainment@yahoo.com