That's right.  $100,000.00 for two minutes work.  Take note, the Sylvias, Johns and Theresas of the
world.  Of course, I realize it's not worth $100K to you to be be exposed (you can make that ten times over
in the same amount of time bilking the bereaved out of THEIR money)...  but, for all you charlatans and
misguided "mediums" looking to make some quick money, send me an email (no phone calls, they won't be
returned).  I'm anxious to meet someone who claims to have these powers, and answering my questions
will be the ultimate proof you do.

By the way, tell your research teams there's nothing in my trash cans that will provide you with information
regarding this.  Phone taps and evesdropping won't help.  None of my old school mates can be of any
assistance, nor my present day associates and neighbors.  Government records won't show anything,
either.  Nope.  You have to be able to talk (or at least listen) to one or more deceased people to get the
correct answers to my questions.

Get five out of five and the certified check is yours.  What could be easier?  After all, you're psychic, right?

P.S., Get one answer wrong, and you have to pay me $1,000 for wasting my time.