After 15, 20 or 30 minutes, he hears the steam
whistle blow, and knows it's time to move on.  
There're places to go and  people to meet.  He
makes his exit and his still unseen steam train
departs into the distance.
(The "P." stands for "Honest")
"Tex" Loper, -The World's Greatest
Roper- shows off his rope tricks
(with a little help from the
Professor's hands
Here the Professor prepares to
catch a "bullet" shot at him
(from a paintball gun) while
"Prof. Mordecai P. Jackson rolls into town with his tall
tales and suitcase full of magical surprises"

You never know what's going to come out of the
Professor's mouth, or his satchel.  He arives on an
unseen steam train, and visits a spell with the local
townfolk...talking about his sixty years of world travel,
and wowing them with old-west style stunts of
"magical surprises".  (He NEVER calls himself a
magician...nor even IMPLIES he performs magic).

Mordecai is a lovable character that has "Never met a
stranger".  Before long, everyone realizes he  takes
himself far more seriously than the townspeople that
make up his audiences do.  Reminiscing about the
adventures and characters in his life, and showing off
some of his many talents.
Barrels full of tongue-in-cheek humor, sight gags, pun after pun and fun fun fun.  Plus there's audience
participation for young and old in this original, clever and one-of-a-kind act.  

Written specifically for a 14-week appearance on the Western Stage at Six Flags Great Adventure, the
act can be presented indoors or out on practically any stage, in any venue.