A trailer I did in Spring of 2011.  The original conception was done by my good friend and
very talented artist,
Phil Singer.
Some rides, ride scenery and signs I've done through the years.
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Center panels I painted in the Spring of 2011 for a
MULE-POWERED "Green" carousel.  
The owner
wanted to depict animals that had been taken off the
Endangered Species list.
Some of the 10' Sideshow Banners I painted
for  two Six Flag's Halloween shows I
Six Flags Great Adventure
FrightFest 2016
"Creepy Clown Show" stage.  This guy
was fun.  The clown's eyes rotated and
smoke came out of his ears.  
The bannerline set up at Six Flags NJ.  
(Usually the crowds were a lot bigger).